Greetings visitors and Patrons, thanks for visiting my project page. This is my first step into developing games, but I’ll give my very best to offer you a good game experience.
I'm a 40 years old man living in Germany, soI'm not a native English speaker. I play a lot of good adult games and I know there are a lot of games with similar ideas. But ever since I was a young man, I have dreamedof creating a computer game. I used RPG Maker MV at first, but now Iwork with Ren’Py and with DAZ 3D I make this dream come true at last. What is most different about my game is that while in most adult games you play a female or a young man, in my first project you play a married man aged forty. I do all this in my leisure time.

All projects are made for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Hope you enjoy it.


Why I chose to go with Patreon:

Because I have never created a computer game before and I do it all alone. I do the artwork with DAZ 3D and the core with Ren‘Py. My goal is to be able to hire proofreaders, artists, voice actors and others, as well as to buy more stuff and hardware. For all this you get access to exclusive content and the community of my projects (For more, see your rewards on the Patreon's page).


Best regards

Your Xagrim

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