The Promise:


You play as a man aged forty who has given his family a lot promises. And now it’s time to follow up on them. You must work hard and make many decisions for your life. And those will have influence on others, as well.

The game is created with Ren‘Py and features 3D renders and animations made in DAZ Studio 3D. The game has an individual main story (The Promise) and a global main story. (But you don’t have to follow it, if you don’t like it). There are manyside stories and smaller events, based on your decisions. It is possible that you close a route or get a different outcome.
There are some hidden stats for triggering certain situations and stats showing per example the corruption of your wife. You will have to raise corruption and the relationships with your family to get certain events and more.
The game will have different endings for each character. Many things will be influenced by what you do. Many things are possible. You can have an affair, cheat, or live in absolute love with your wife. You can make her more open for other things and more. But be careful with your decisions - it is possible that the situation gets out of control. The game will be a combination of grinding and on time and choices depending situations.

I will release some major updates every 1-2 months, regularly small updates and some other stuff for patrons.

The Promise is a Trilogy:
In the first part your main goal is to earn money to get entry to the capital. The city in which you start is not the city of the rich people. The interior and other things are not looking very good.

In the second part you live in the capital and your goal is to get a good position and one of the few places in the exclusive residential area. The world will be influenced by your choices in the first part. It is possible to meet chars from the first part.

In the third part you live uptown in the exclusive residential area and it lies in your hands if it ends in a good or a bad way. The world will be influenced by your choices in the first and the second part. It is possible to meet chars from the first and second part.

Features planned for the "The Promise" Trilogy (not final):

  • An individual main story with some side stories
  • A global story over all three parts, but if you not interested in this, you don't have to folllow it
  • As long as the levels are different no playthrough will be the same
  • Different endings dependent on your choices
  • Different situations and events dependent on your skills, relationships and choices
  • Three jobs in the first part (farmer, miner and waste collector) with unique events
  • In the other parts many jobs like office worker, photograph, detective and many more
  • Optimized for 1920 X 1080 (HD)
  • Many sounds, music, images and animations (for unique and important situations)
  • Different characters and fetishes
  • A stats system
  • A “Scene Planer“ where you can replay some situations and find hints for other possibilities

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