Characters of "The Promise":

You find three different types of characters in the game:

Main NPCs (MNPC)

Interactive NPCs (INPC)



A MNPC is a character where you must raise relationship, corruption or other values if you want have a definite outcome. For example, kinky situations or wearing other clothes. That means they can be influenced by your doings and react dependent on their personality and it's possible to change the personality in other directions.  

An INPC is a character where you can’t raise anything, the future outcome depends only on your choices and answers in some situations. That means you can’t change their personality and the outcome which you can reach is limited by it. For example, a girl might like to show everything, but you will never be able to touch her because of her personality.

An NPC is a character with a precast plot. Some are only background actors, others have little scenes and it is in your decision to see it.













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